Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a theme from website?

Themes can be purchased from themes pages (paypal only). Your Cydia number will be asked to enable theme packages in Cydia app & confirmation email will sent to you (if you don’t receive it immediately, don’t worry. You will be sent anyway). When you will get email, you will can download theme from cydia app.

Where find Cydia Number (CYDIA ID)?

Cydia number can be find from your jailbroken devices. Open Cydia app. In cydia home, go in account management and login to your account. Cydia number is under the 'purchasing ready for installation’ phrase. (cydia account #……..).

Can I install the purchased theme on another device?

Log in to your cydia account to download purchased themes.

I'm trying to download a theme from cydia, but I get an error message ’size mismatch'. What should I do?

Refresh your cydia before download the theme package.

Theme is enabled but nothing change on Springboard?

Make sure you use Anemone Cydia app to enjoy the theme.

I've square icons missed by the theme, how can i fix them?

With iOS themes who use icons with transparent backgrounds, devs need to use method who remove auto mask for no themed icons. to fix them, check the icons request method in the bottom page or if you want make them yourself, check with ifile/filza/ssh if icons psd are include in themes files.

Is there a way to have winterboard version?

The themes are exclusively provided for Anemone application. Most complete and less resource-intensive, it is by far the best application to use all the customization of Apple devices. It avoids to install several tweaks (classicdock, iconomatics ...) and allows to better manage the list of themes. If ever there was a lot of requests for a version winterboard, we will do it.

I want a refund for a purchased theme.

Purchased and downloaded themes are non-refundable.

Where can I ask questions?

If you want more informations on a particular themes or the website, you can use email :

What changes when I use a theme?

Themes change the look of your interface. Descriptions for each themes are available in the gallery.

How can i find wallpapers show in themes screenshots?

All wallpapers i’ve made or used for my themes setup can be find in website (check in gallery partners’s part).

My clock icon isn’t themed, how can i fix it?

Clock icon is include for all themes. Check in your cydia tweak list if you use clock tweak (like LiveIconDisabler or other) and remove this tweak. Respring your device and enjoy.

How work add-ons widgets?

All widgets work with iWidget Cydia tweak. to open widgets list, just do a long touch in blank space from springboard page.Take a look if there is options (language, 12/24hrs, C°/F°…) before to open widget.

My weather widget doesn’t work. What should I do?

Weather widgets are down for now. You can find some of them in Junesiphone repository, the time i make updates.

How can i request icons?

! we will look the complete requests only !
to make complete requests, you need to send us (by email - your UDID device number & icons Bundles names files.

There are two ways to find UDID number:
1st method (from computers) - Connect your device at computer and open iTunes app. in summary part, hold ALT keyboard button and click on serial number (under the IMEI number & device capacity) to find UDID number.

2nd method (from Apple mobile devices) - go in Appstore and download UDID sender application, open app and follow steps to find UDID.

Way to find icons Bundles names:(from Apple mobile devices) - download Bundlr app from cydia, search all the Bundles app names you need to request.